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Friday, August 16, 2013

More Trash Sorcery

I have thus completed a a long running project involving three junky items that originally belonged to my grandmother and were more recently rejected by my parents.  I salvaged them from the familial trash and envisioned them as outdoor furniture.

Here are some of the befores...

A neat (by neat I mean, interestingly shaped and most importantly, free; the damn thing was rotting and covered in paint) triangle table, hauled from the bowels of my family's attic.

Old window, taken from the side of the road.

In my determination, I forgot the original BEFORE pictures.  I took one about half way through.

I splurged on some brand new fabric to fashion a seat cushion out of:

For my birthday my parents bought and helped me install a sweet yellow hammock.

(Enjoy the teaser for the rocker).

Here it is in it's full solo glory:

The outdoor space came together nicely with free and found (and gifted items).  There is also a sweet charcoal grill off camera that I saved from my neighbors bulk trash offering.

All done.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

$3.00 Floor Lamp

Upon completion of the kitchen chair, I was armed with a new sense of purpose.

 I perused the pile of junk pieces that had begun to gather like an angry mob in the Yoga Room.

I mean, Yoga Room is a strong name for a room that functions more like an attic, a collection space for free shit that I acquire and intend to fix or restore 

My next project seemed to be a simple one.  I picked up a steel floor lamp with a bridge at a flea market.
Priced at $3.00, the only acceptable way to walk away was dragging a $3.00 cast iron floor lamp.

This is how I acquired it.

The first step was, naturally, to electrocute myself.

Beyond that, I replaced the wire and the bulb socket.  

The second thing I did was buy some powerful stripper at the Home Depot.  A grumpy, silent type thrust a can of paint stripper at me and suggested that I not get it on my skin.

Clearly, he has no idea who I am.  

I took it home and slathered it onto the stand with a cheap paint brush.  You really have never lived until you step barefoot into a puddle of paint thinner.

I discovered (while performing a very graceful pain dance) that the stand came apart (by which I mean, I knocked it over and the pieces came apart).  

Make sure you clean the stripper off before you paint.  Mineral spirits works well.  

With hind sight, I did not have to strip the blue paint off.  I could have sanded it down and painted right over it but, I wanted to see if the original metal could be restored.  The answer was, yes, it could but it would take more effort that I was willing to give it.

So, after the stripping effort some black spray paint renovated (not restored) the piece and I pretty much lost interest.  Still, vast improvement.

Grandma's Kitchen Stool

I completed my first recycle-refurbish project.  I hauled grandma's vintage kitchen stool out of the basement.  This is what it looked like when I began:

From this picture, I did what I am often inclined to do... take it all apart and abandon it for weeks.  

The thing was covered in rust and parrot shit. However, I am unreasonably attached to this junky chair; if grandma's parrot shat on it, then Grandma has some DNA o this chair (that bird routinely bit people).  

My guru, some chick at Home Depot, suggested to me once that if you are ever unsure about where a project is going.... step away from it for awhile.

I can do that.  I can step away like a boss. 

So, there it sat, disassembled, in my kitchen recycling bin for a lo-o-ng time while I taught Yoga, retreated from civilized society and watched an unreasonable amount of Supernatural.  

Finally, when my sloth generated sufficient amounts of self hatred, I set off for the Home Depot. 

Steel wool
mineral spirits
spray primer 
metallic spray paint. 

When I pulled the vinyl off, it revealed nests of ants in the horsehair cushion.  Joy.  I liberated them with a garden hose and allowed the chair to dry.  

I replaced the horsehair with a 1/2 inch foam cushion and purchased some shiny new vinyl from Joann Fabrics. 

 It was unreasonably difficult not to buy a shit ton of fabric that was unnecessary to this project.  

Anyways, finally, a finished project.  The first of many.   

The result: 

I do love prettying up old junk.  Grandma would approve.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 1260- Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Sometimes, I manage to forget how quickly time passes. I'm not going to reset the counter on my weight loss journey; all of this was part of the process that led me here. Although I am going to ditch the name Fat Blog.

It's occurred to me that the original mission statement of this blog was "follow me in the vain and ultimately unattainable pursuit of life, skinniness and endless sarcasm."

I graduated from yoga teacher training (TT) , my eleven year relationship ended, I applied to the Peace Corps and am considering medical school or physical therapy.

For my entire life, I've struggled with disordered eating and body image. It became obvious to me as I read my hundred of previous posts that I was a very sick person.

I viewed myself as pass or fail, good or bad, under calorie goal or over. Not disclosed in my posts were that I was a binge and purge bulimic. At my highest weight, 190, I was unhappy and sure that if I reached 140 I'd be happy. At 140, I was unhappy and sure that if I achieved definition in my abs I'd be happy.

I deleted them.  All of them.

Today I am happy and I'll eventually forget how much I weigh today. The change I made was internal. In August 2009, I started volunteering at a yoga studio near my home. Yoga gave me an awareness of myself that I'd never experienced. Even in my most rigid and inflexible mental state, Yoga managed to move me.

Adventure happens when things stop going as planned.  Let's see how this goes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 370

It's flippin' cold outside!!!  Excellent.

I have five times my body weight in clean laundry on the floor of my bedroom in various stages of becoming unclean again.

 Instead of obediently folding, sorting and putting them away I am scouring this website. It's a great tool for planning meals out and putting together a shopping list.

Does any one have a suggestion for an effective/contagious workout video/dvd that won't end up gathering dust in the corner with all forty seven of my other workout videos?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 368

I thought about exercising today but then just didn't.

::wipes zero sweat from un-exercised brow::

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 347

Rather than dwell on all the people and things that made me pissy this week, I am choosing to focus on how I am going to spend my Saturday afternoon off.

 Considering that I spent last Saturday pouring over an arbitration brief for about four hours (not including time spent pacing and talking to myself in a hope to expedite perfect word choice) I could spend tomorrow watching ice melt and it would represent a drastic improvement to my morale.

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