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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 1-Take 2

Day 1.... Take 2.
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Right so here goes, again... fully committed to health and fitness, again. I put on 2.5 pounds over the holiday; can't imagine why, although I vaguely remember a lot of stuffing my face and not a lot of exercising. There may, in fact, be a connection.

The shell of our new "home gym" is almost finished. It is basically the 2nd bedroom transformed into a make-shift martial arts studio for 2 normal sized individuals. We put down foam floor and painted the walls a soothing shade of "Distant Mountain" and we are working on finding a wall stud to mount a 20 inch TV and DVD player.

We are stocked with boxing head gear/gloves, point sparring gear, a yoga ball/mat and a kicking shield. I have in the mix some pilates, a yoga video to increase my flexibility, one "ball" video to help me navigate the mysteries of the "ab ball" and have been scouring the web for the outdated tae bo videos that now cost like 3 bucks a piece on half.com.

We are in the market for a standing punching bag (preferably bag and not Billy/Bobby shaped), focus mits and full length wall mirrors.

In addition to my commitment to peel myself away from the I Love New York 2 marathons that VH1 has been plaguing my life with, I also plan on portion control and counting weight watcher points.

This is a lot. I am most likely doomed to fail. Why do I say this? Because I have spent more time blogging my plans that actually exercising today.

Starting Weight: 166.8
Goal Weight: 150.0
Total Projected Weight loss: 16.8 pounds

3 eggs whites 1
grits 2
Coffee 0

Twelve Grain 2
turkey breast 1
weight watcher yogurt 1
Coffee 0
(attempted a 1 point cup of soup but they are naaaaaaas-teeeeeee; tossed it)

Slice of Cheese Pizza 8
Black Bean Soup 5

Exercise: I thought about doing crunches, pulled a muscle and folded some clothes (but not very many).

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