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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 12

Category: Food and Restaurants

I had my belt test today! While sparring, one of my fellow students kicked me in the clit. It sucked. It actually stung for a full three seconds, and caused actual anger, and my reaction was a roundhouse kick to the forehead. I don't usually get annoyed while sparring, it's just a game; what can I say? I enjoy not having roundhouse kicks land on my clit. It's pretty easy to avoid considering my clit is like a quarter of an inch in diameter and NOT LOCATED IN THE SCORING ZONE... at least the sparring scoring zone. bwah ha ha.

It's pretty easy to stay in points range when I am locked away from food for five hours out of the day.

Luna Bar 3
*45 minutes of actual testing exercise* +4

Luna Bar 3

1st Dinner
extra crispy KFC wing 3
classic recipe KFC drumstick 3

2nd Dinner
Veg burger 3
cheddar 3
mushrooms 0
weight watcher bagel 2
small slice of mushroom pizza 5

Total Points: 21

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