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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 13

Category: Food and Restaurants

I am a big fan of:

1. breakfast
2. flea markets
3. Ann (college roommate)

breakfast + Ann = big fan of breakfast with Ann
breakfast + flea markets = big fan of breakfast and flea markets
Ann + flea markets = big fan of perusing flea markets with Ann

Any combination of the three creates today. I have also dropped half a pants size in two weeks (I was between sizes when I was dedicated to fat-dom) now I am solidly in the lower size.

oatmeal w/blueberry 5
2 sausage patty 6
egg whites 2
coffee 0

Progresso Magic Vegetable soup 0

Quorn chick patty 4
1 cup wheat pasta (seasoned no sauce) 4

weigh in tomorrow... if I gain weight I am totally blaming my period. I was so good!

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