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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 14

Current mood: stressed
Category: stressed Food and Restaurants

Hamster, my rat, has joined me for tonight's blog. My kittens are stalking her from the couch and the paper shredder respectively. My animal kingdom is expansive.

So, I had an excellent day, pointswise. Otherwise, I spent the day stressed and delayed. I took extra steps today to ensure that I was getting fruits and veggies.

weight watcher bagel 2
fat free cream cheese 1

grapes 1
ham sandwich on weight watcher wheat bread 2

1st dinner
baby spinach, feta and raw tofu salad 3
banana 2

2nd Dinner
chicken fiesta lean cuisine 5
brownie 4 (love 'em; luckily my brother took this batch upstairs)

Total points: 20

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