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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 16

Category: Food and Restaurants

Last week I dreaded this week because of the scheduling nightmare that is new organizing . I projected that I would be tearing my hair out and burning down the offices by early today; I'm actually holding up pretty well. I only have one more late night, my eating has stayed under control and I can't complain about spending time with people who really want to speak up, listen and learn.

I do have wicked cramps and my nose piercing is infected but I'll get over it. I treated myself to some chocolate ice cream. I smeared it all over my face and body to save calories.

banana 2
grits 2

egg drop soup 1
chicken and broccoli 4
cookie 2

Progeresso Soup 0
French bread 3
(2) tofu dogs 2
ww bread 1
1 scoop strawberry/1 scoop chocolate ice cream 5

Total Points: 22

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