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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 19

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I bought new clothes today, which triggered a epiphany of the psychological sort. I compulsively buy clothes because I find it easier to change the shape of what I am wearing than to change the shape of my body. I hope this doesn't mean that when I am hot like Shakira I won't want to shop anymore! That almost makes me want to stay fat. Almost....

luna bar Pecan Pie 3

*60 minutes of taekwondo* +5

coffee 0
luna bar cookies and cream 3

whole wheat low carb wrap 2
meatless meatballs 2
mozz and tbsp sauce 1

dal makhani 10
1/2 cup rice 4

total points: 20

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Gorrell said...

I stopped myself from buying a purse today because I realize I keep buying purses because I hate buuying clothes in my size.

I can totally relate to your blog for weightloss. And thanks for coming over to mine too!!!


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