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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 20

My mother, god bless her, does not understand the whole "diet" thing. I think I've explained it to her in as many ways possible; over and over. I might as well tell her that I plan to grow a glittery horn on my forehead to live the rest of my days grazing in her yard as a unicorn. That is about how serious she takes my life choices.

In other news, clearly, I missed the casting call for Rock of Love 2.  When will Bret Michaels learn that no one will love him as much as I do?


Gorrell said...

You are too good for Bret Michaels. My Mom is skinny, it's a curse. And 34 points is not bad at all my friend.

Your Olsen Twin

Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

I love sausage bread... nuff said.

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