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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 20

I'm a fatty; totally blew it at dinner. My mother, god bless her, does not understand the whole "diet" thing. I think I've explained it to her in as many ways possible; over and over. I might as well tell her that I plan to grow a glittery horn on my forehead to live the rest of my days grazing in her yard as a unicorn. That is about how serious she takes my life choices.

On a slightly unrelated subject, how did I miss the casting call for both Rock of Love and Rock of Love 2? When will Bret Michaels just give up on the strippers and his career to come iron my clothes for me? I thought he looked too much like that stripper chick from season one to sleep with him... kind of ruined it for me, but there is still ironing to be done.

I would never find it exhausting to have a horde of big boobs nodding and giggling to every word that I say.

yogurt 1
2 tater tots and a bite of bacon from my brother's plate 2

steak soft taco fresco 3
BBQ baked lays 2

*15 min boxing* +2
Sausage Bread 9
Pepperoni Bread 9
homemade chicken soup 5
hershey kisses 5

Total Points 34. Worst Day yet!


Gorrell said...

You are too good for Bret Michaels. My Mom is skinny, it's a curse. And 34 points is not bad at all my friend.

Your Olsen Twin

Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

I love sausage bread... nuff said.

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