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Monday, January 21, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 21

So, thanks to Ann, (see Little Annie E's Page in my links), I have developed an obsession with retro Pyrex cookware. I grew up with it all over the house and just always treated it as the super functional stuff that I slopped my feed into. Never in my twenty five years would I have looked at my "big bowls" or "heavy glass pans", as we refer to them, as collectors items. However, after a day of antiquing and learning to recognize the colors and themes and differentiate a pineapple from a haystack I decided that, during the course of my normal trips to goodwills and salvation army stores, that I would check for pyrex collectibles (not going to go nuts).

So I found a beautiful Pyrex casserole pot, a piece highly recommended by Ann; it was a chocolate brown pot but what made it unique was its retro orange, white and green flat top. $5.00. No problem. I bought it, wrapped it in sweaters and placed in it my trunk. At the end of my shopping excursion, I loaded up my arms with my new "things" and let Jon take my pot. I turn to the house and I hear ::SMASH:: Jonathan broke the lid. Now I have a brown pot and a pile of shattered glass at the corner of my driveway. At least i got to exercise today.

Luna Bar Smores 3

*30 min taekwondo private lesson* +3

six french fries 2
egg white, feta and spinach omelette 6
1/2 a banana pancake 3

1st Dinner
1 cup chick and broccoli 2

*1 1/2 hours taekwondo (beginner and advanced class)* +5

2nd Dinner
1 cup chick and broccoli 3
small slice of cheese bread 8

Total Points: 19

So, to answer a question I received... yes, I can come under points and be getting enough calories;because I credit myself with ALL time exercising. In a normal week I will earn about 30 activity points; the Flex plan limits you to 28 earnable workout points. In a good week I will credit myself with 35-40 because I earned 'em! I also do not use the 35 "banked points" that the Flex plan is supposed to give you "in case of emergency"... like when you gorge yourself on sausage bread. It's to maximize weight loss.

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Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

AH! Stupid Jon! Keith shattered one of my bowls once too. Stupid boyfriends and their clumsy ways!

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