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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 23

I made bad bad bad food choices today. I had a moment of kindness that ended in weakness. I decided to treat myself to an M&M sugar cookie; but I had a last minute meeting scheduled in three minutes. So I bought two cookies, one for me, of course, and one to offer the member I was meeting with. He declined the cookie. Don't panic! I was brave; I left the cookie in the office and left to finish work. About an hour later, I realized that I had left a file I needed. Back to the office; the cell phone reunion was so emotional and powerful that I abandoned all willpower... and ate the other cookie. At 7 points per cookie, it was not a cheap error.

Breakfast------------------------------------------------------------oops sorry, Hamster, my rat, is joining me for blogging tonight. She is currently licking the garlic sauce from my empty lean cuisine bowl and clambering all over my keyboard. Hamster thought the series of dashes would help deliver the message. Let's try this again...bad Hamster.

Hot flax cereal w/blueberries 4 (really really good)

Grill steak soft taco "fresco" 3
diet pepsi 0

coke zero 0
(2) lrg sugar M&M cookies 14 (really really un-good; not even terribly delicious)

*30 minutes light sparring/crunches* +3

Lean Cuisine Garlic Chick brocc 5


Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

Wow... I think that you and I are psychically linked through our fat asses. I had a "cookie incident" yesterday too. I only intended on having the one cookie, but after everyone was done theirs, there was still one left. Out of the group of 8 people I was with, who ate that last damn cookie? Me. As usual. Damn cookies.

Greta&Kiki said...

I cannot, can never hope to, and have fully embraced the powe of the M&M chocolate chip cookie over me. If they're near me, I eat them. I am M&M chocochip coockie's bitch.


Greta&Kiki said...

And clearly, just thinking about them has made me unable to properly type.

"power" "cookie"

I think your hamster is crawling over my keyboard.

Nic said...

I should probably add Blog Post Scripts where several hours after I post my blog I experience a lapse in willpower involving my partner's homemade pizza.

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