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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 24

I haven't nominated anyone or anything for Diet Saboteur of the Week, we must remedy this. I could give the award to M&M Sugar cookies but then I'd have to nominate prettty much all cookies... except anything with nuts... I hate nuts...in cookies. Anyways, it's wicked cliche anyways. Everyone knows that cookies don't make people fat, people make people fat; just like guns kill people... except, no, I think it's actually people who kill people too... maybe people are the ultimate diet saboteurs. I can only award their accomplices...

Hot Flax Cereal w/blueb 4

Egg Drop Soup 1
pineapple 1

1st Dinner
steak and cheese on wheat (Subway) 8

2nd dinner
few bites of lean cuisine pot roast 2 (it was substandard and I immediately abandoned my feeding upon it)...
...then commenced feeding upon a small slice of cheese pizza 7

Total Points: 23

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