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Friday, January 25, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 25

Sitting through staff meeting makes me hungry. Not actual hunger but rather perceived hunger; it pretty much just makes me want to eat. New organizing... munch, munch, munch. Servicing existing members... crunch, crunch. News letter... chew, chew. Sip, slurp, sip. Political endorsement... crinkle of fritos bag.

Poor Hamster, her weigh in at the vet did not go well. She went from 11 ozs. to 14 ozs. Hamster is a little fatty. You know it's bad when the vet pinches your rat's fat and says, "oh boy, does she get any exercise"? When we put Hamster in the rat ball and she just refuses to move. Seriously, she is so stubborn; she will sit, like a statue, in that ball for hours. We tried getting our kittens to chase her around in the ball but they suck at being predators as much as Hamster sucks at being prey. They sat and stared at her; she sat and stared back. So much for nature's bitter rivalries. We even went so far as to put a jingle ball into the rat ball. That way every time Hamster flinched the ball would jingle and kitties would attack. The kitties got bored trying to find the jingle-ball and took a nap.

XZU2373 R p. Thanks for your contribution Hamster. I think you are beautiful.

Luna Bar Cookies and Cream 3

turkey with gravy 7 (If I could do that over I surely would have opted away from this)
pretzels 1
pears 2
cookies 2
mac and cheese 6
coke zero 0
fritos 6 (and these)

*Taekwondo 60 min* +7

Grilled Turkey Sandwich 3

Total Points: 23

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