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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 27

I have had the hiccups all.
long. I wonder how many calories they burn. I insisted that I needed to be punished for last nights' 40 points-a-palooza. I had planned to deny myself delicious food but 12 hours of intermittent hiccuping seems appropriate penance. I am hoping to hit the ten pounds lost mark tomorrow.

We discovered a little breakfast place nearby. Anna's, on Silver Lane/Street (between Manchester and East Hartford), serves breakfast all day ! Glorious, glorious breakfast. Anyone in the area should check it out. It gets a little crowded on Sunday but we've never had to wait more than like 5 minutes or so. Parking is awful; the place is crawling with seniors.

My dieting has gotten to be such a spectacle that the table next to us actually commented! I spooned all my hash browns and most of my toast onto Jonathan's plate. The senior citizens at the next table laughed at me. Gre-e-eat.

spinach and feta (egg white) omelet 5
1 slice (dry) wheat toast 2
Coffee 0

Turkey Sandwich 3

*30 minutes light boxing and jiu jitsu* +2

Chicken Carbonara 6
Veggie Burger 6
Bite of Dark Chocolate 1

Total Points: 21

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