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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 29

Can anyone guess how much I sucked at dieting today?

On a scale of one to sucky, quite sucky.

I think I ate 25 points worth of cookies alone today. I blame negotiations and some quality cookie baking. They were soft. They were delicious. They were sugar cookies with M&Ms... my, and apparently Greta's, nemesis! I seriously lost count of the damn cookies.

honey nut cheerios 3
coffee with a drip of amaretto creamer 2

Turkey and cheese sandwich 6
apples w/tsp caramel dip 2
WW brownie 2

About 10 cookies at approx 2 points each. 21 (with an extra point for extra guilt)

I think I might have dinner too... although tummy is not happy about the cookie-palooza


Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

Yo, the school is like $99 for the first 10 weeks and then $77 a month, plus $30 for the outfit. Then I sent the guy an email and said it cost to much, I have to pay for school, blah blah blah. And then he emailed me back and said they had a discounted student rate, but hasn't told me what it is, and we keep missing each other on the phone. It is beginning to be a hassle. On another note, I ate a bag of m&ms yesterday. 440 calories! Woohoo! You want to fight each other Sunday. I'm free all day so whenever is good for you is good for me.

Nic said...

PS: it's just phone tag. the gi is a one time expense and it will last forever if you keep it out of the dryer and do not bleach it. the student discount might be totally worth it

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