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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 31

I am totally going to go backwards at this Monday's weigh in. The remedy: go flippin' shopping and buy healthy food to eat, immediately. I have been subsisting solely on fast food and take out. Treacherous territory for the weak minded dieter.

36 points would be totally within my daily allowance if I weighed three hundred pounds. Since I weigh almost half that it makes me a total failure... three days in a row! I am almost sure that a dieting goal is not to eat twice your body's weight in calories. My fat ass is marching over to the grocery store as soon as I post this.

Flax Hot Cereal w/blueberries 4

2 slice pepperoni pizza 12

2 slice cheese pizza 9
8 munchkins (they weren't even delicious what is WRONG WITH ME) 9
Bag of Masterpiece BBQ potato chips 10

Total: 46

Tomorrow better be a new flippin' day >:O


daniel_gasparino said...

you do like me, and keep eating after you are full. those extra 8 or 10 pts after your dinner in the form of chips or cheetos is no good! shame on you nicole! SHAME!!!! haha

Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

I want to count points. I had calories. The numbers are so high and daunting. How many points are you supposed to get in a day? Let make some kind of monetary bet. Maybe that will encourage the weight loss.

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