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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 5

Current mood: dehydrated
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So, I thought that I sucked at the balance ball. I kept losing it and feeling awkward during my ab routine on it. However today I learned that i am not incompetent or uncoordinated... I am simply not 5'11. The balance ball that Jon and I got from the goodwill for the bargain price of $5 is sized for peoples who are 5'10 and up. I feel slightly better about rolling off of it.

Burrito 5
green salsa 0

*one hour cardio* +4

Vitamin drink 3

Dal 5
1 cup Whole wheat Pasta 5
pierogies w/coriander chutney 4

Snacky poo coming up not to exceed 4 points

Total Points: 22

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