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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 7

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So... when you have you exercise you can splurge on like 400 calories in cookies per day. I had the opportunity to work out twice today... my regular private and thanks to my new home gym, when I got home too. I was able to reward myself with three peanut butter blossom cookies and a tiny sugar cookie... blossoms are the yummy cookies with Hershey kisses nestled in them. Damn the office and leftover cookies... and morning staff meeting... and going back to New Haven for copies at rush hour.

maple syrup oatmeal 3
coffee 0

*30 minutes taekwondo* +4

grill chicken classic
w/lettuce/tomato/mayo 7

3 peanut butter blossom cookies 7
1 small sugar cookie 2

*1 hour cardio* +8

1/2 cup brown rice 3
1 cup chicken, broccoli and mushrooms 2
1 cup egg drop soup 1
Veggie egg roll (Jon stole 2 bites) 4

1/2 cup of Edies Slow Churn strawberry 2

Total Points: 19

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