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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 8

Current mood: tired

Today was rough. I started out in a meeting and ended with a meeting twelve hours later and an hour ride home. Organizing sure makes an exercise routine difficult but sure makes it easy to go hungry! I made the mistake of an early lunch at 11:30; I didn't get a chance to eat again until 7:45. That's a long time to wait when your meals are little.

gotta love black coffee... it's a real appetite suppressor.

Burrito 5
Green Salsa 0
Coffee 0

1 cup egg drop soup 1
3x servings of pears 2
coffee 0

drumstick 4
mac and cheese 4
1 crispy strip 4
diet soda 0
1 cup chicken and broccoli 4

*15 minutes of light stretching* +1

Total Points Used: 23

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