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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 9

Current mood: disapointed and stressed
Category: disapointed and stressed Jobs, Work, Careers

A 3 hour dinner/committee meeting sabotaged my diet. Ok, that is a gross over statement. I went one egg roll worth of points over my goal. Noone panic...I did eat more than I needed to for dinner.

That's frustrating... when I picked up the last pork egg roll ( I was cleaning up and had to figure out how to fit all the leftovers in one bag) I knew that ...

A. i was not hungry
B. i did not have the points
C. i was going to regret eating it

What did I do? Ate it. In fact points A-C played through my head the whole time I was eating it but I continued to eat it. Stress and scheduling are going to be my nemesees.

strawberry nutra-grain bar 3

*30 min tkd* +4

fresco style steak taco 3
fresco ranchero chick taco 3
small diet 0
coffee 0
1 oz pretzels 2

2x egg roll 10 (dammit)
1 cup chick + brocc 2
1/2 cup beef + brocc 4
1/2 cup sweet + sour chick 5

Can you tell which meal I spent stuffing my face for three hours, while explaining grassroots organizing to a dozen people, was? Oh yeah, the meal where i spent almost my entire days worth of points on.

Total Points: 28

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