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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Public Display of Dieting

The dreaded PDD. This is my version of accountability.

In the past three years I put on 26 pounds. I blame several things:

1. Busy Schedule
2. Excessive eating
3. Un-excessive, aka non-existent, exercising
4. Morgan Freeman

I started blogging on myspace, daily, before Thanksgiving and gave up around Christmas. I admit I failed miserably. Prime rib and Italian cookies won that round, and mashed potato and lasagna and soda, the short story is that I got jumped by carbohydrates and their gang of fatty thugs over and over for the course of, oh, my entire lifetime. I got beat; I barely ever put up a fight. I vowed, predictably in 2007, that I would avenge my historic defeat starting in 2008 (just like in 2006, 2005, 2004). I also vowed to stop procrastinating. I'll wait on that one... don't want to inundate myself, and my four readers, with excessive life changing commitments.

So you're caught up. Welcome to The Chro-Nicoles.

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