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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 50 Extravaganza

Over the diet hill... so to speak. True, I've made this statement before, roughly around DAY 38. This time, hopefully, I am telling the truth AND I have been dieting for 50 days. That's a nice, fat, round number... like my belly.

I've rediscovered that I am a night-time binger and therefore my new strategy is to eat VERY lightly during the day so that I can pig out during the PM. Should be easy because I totally overdo coffee and teas.

weight watcher bagel w/cream cheese 5

Red Pepper chicken alfredo w/broccoli 4

60 min cardio +6

2 slice mushroom + cheese pizza 17
chicken noodle soup 3

Total: 23

1 comment:

daniel_gasparino said...

whoot whoot! i love night time binges!!! Eat some yummy sweets and carbs for my grandma!

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