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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 33

Ugh. I'm in a rut. Don't even look at me!!!!!!!!!!!! Below is a video of me dancing... it places the lotion on its skin or else is gets the hose.

eggwhite, feta, spin and mush omelet 3

*60 min taekwondo* +6

6 pierogi w/coriander chutney 7

1 cup chicken and broccoli 3
1/2 scallion pancake 3
egg drop soup 1
veggie dumpling 1
crispy noodles 2
fortune cookie 1

small skim almond latte 3 (totally sub-standard latte... didn't finish it)
1/2 macademia white chocolate toffee cookie 5 (so gooey and delicious; I browbeat Jon into eating the other half)

Total: 23!!

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