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Monday, February 4, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 35

My day consisted of hours and hours of meeting... followed by hours and hours of office work and phone calls... followed by some much needed taekwondo. I heart taekwondo. It makes me a better person.

To be a better person I must first lock up all little diet snack bars. I pop them like they are fiber pills. I am positive that 1 point peanut butter weight watcher bars are supposed to be consumed in the singular, rather than the plural. I ate like four of them last night. I had two after lunch, today. I want to empty out the box and roll around in them right now as I type this out.

The next step is to stop buying bakery bread. I consume loaves of fresh bakery bread like I am a pit viper and the bread is a naked mole rat. The bread doesn't stand a chance.

I am currently perched at my desk with a box of weight watcher bars and a sealed can of organic chili. I am totally torn on what to have for dinner.

What's for dinner? That's a very important question.

slim fast shake 3

*taekwondo 30 min* +3

diet snapple 0
chick and brocc 2

2nd lunch
2 veggie burgers 17
2 weight watcher bars 3

*60 min taekwondo* +6

1/2 cup chili 3
2 tofu dogs 2
roll 2

total 23

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