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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 36 (Super Tuesday)

I made need to have an intervention on myself. I am back to eating whenever I see food in front of me.... irregardless of the quality. I ate a piece pumpkin cookie cake with frosting on it!!!! It was vile. It even looked vile when I began hacking into it for a portion. I then proceeded to have a slice of two day-old, stiff yellow cake... why you ask? Because it was located right next to the vile pumpkin cookie cake. Damn office staff with their damn superbowl leftovers!

However, I can't blame the office staff for me ordering me a philly cheesesteak and french fries at the Diner for supper. I can however, blame Barack Obama... I blame him also for the can of coke I downed about 30 minutes ago. I spent the day "getting out the vote"; for those of you who have never worked on a political campaign before let me give you the run down. Track down registered voters and drag them, often kicking and screaming and clawing, to the polls, in the rain. For the really unlucky citizens this process begins when the polls open at 6 am until the polls close at 8 pm. I spent time doing internal member turnout from 9-5. I volunteered several hours after that knocking on the doors of my neighbors and littering their stoops with propaganda... did I mention that it's raining. Let's hear it for democracy!!!

weight watcher yogurt 1
blueberries 1

chips 2
stiff yellow cake 5
vile pumpkin cake cookie 3

Slim Fast Shake

Philly Cheesesteak w/mushroom 14
french fries 8

Total: Fatty.


Greta&Kiki said...

Ok, I think I'm probably an enabler here, but that pumpkin cake thing sound like the best thing ever!


Nic said...

sigh. i can't resist superbowl themed desserts, i suppose.

daniel_gasparino said...

i think you aren't eating enough. i mean you exceed your points value, but I think it is because you are starving after only having a slim fast shake! You feel like you need food in any delicious form. Try eating more often and more substance. I bet you'll find you don't need french fries, well its easier for you to say no.

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