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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fat blog- Day 37

Winter is surely taking it's toll. I crave only hot, fatty food. I want only cheese, pasta and bread; preferably hot and preferable in large quantities together. I need to get it together and remember that flip flops and sun dresses are only a few months down the road along with their bitch of an accessory, the bikini.

I have lost a noticeable amount of weight. People notice and comment; that makes me pleased. I'm beginning to slip; that makes me displeased. I'm stressed, driving a lot and exercising very limitedly. I'm also exhausted and, by the way, FREEZING.

I do not think that the slim fast shake thing is going to not work for me at lunch. It does not feel like a meal. It makes a great breakfast however; and I think I will continue it in place of my normal coffee. I have the cappuccino flavor which is pretty good; especially 'cuz the vanilla and chocolate always tasted ass to me. I should try again with my grown-up taste buds 'cuz the last time I did slim fast was high school. I had a very different idea of what ass tasted like then... ah, the ignorance of youth.

slim fast shake 3

Slim fast shake 3

mac and cheese 6
chicken breast (most of skin peeled off) 8

Subtotal: 20 (not bad right.... until...)

...Committee Meeting
an obscene amount of pizza. I got the seat next to the pepperoni pie... right next to it... a 3...hour...meeting.... a meeting that I was not leading.... I would estimate a 32 point intake in pizza alone.

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daniel_gasparino said...

Nooo! I'm going to buy you a WWSD? bracelet! What would Shakira Do? She wouldn't eat all that pizza. Maybe a slice or two, but thats it. Oh god I want pizza now!! Why did chicken breast have so many points? Slim Fast is boring!!! I need substance!!

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