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Monday, February 25, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 55

My rat, Brenda, passed away today :(

Granted, Brenda is not my favorite rat. My favorite rat, Hamster, joins us sometimes for fat blogging. Brenda is Hamster's cage mate... like only children, I didn't want to raise a socially incapable rodent so I purchased Hamster a room-mate. Brenda sucked at being a rat; she had bad teeth so chewing was difficult for her. Difficulty chewing made eating difficult so eventually she just stopped eating. Brenda was also prone to respiratory infections. Did you know that you can purchase health insurance for your pets? I recommend it, because if you take your sneezy, six dollar cage pet to the vet it's gunna cost you over $100. If your sneezy, six dollar rodent needs meds, you will need a prescription, and it's gunna cost you like twenty bucks. Stupid, for-profit healthcare system!!!!

Anyway, Hamster is now on a diet too. She's flippin' huge.

luna bar 3
french pastry 4

*30 min taekwondo* +3

Chicken, rice and bean Burrito 15

*60 min cardio* +7

cheese pizza slice 8

Total: 20


Angela said...

PLEASE tell me you didn't spend that kind of money on a rat. Please please please!! LOL
I hope hampster does well as a loner.

Nic said...

Actually my fiancĂ© spent that kind of money on a rat. I was at work, didn’t get to cast my vote on that one. She was suffering!!!! I signed up to care for her health and wellbeing when I debit carded her scrawny, six-dollar ass. Although I didn’t think a rat‘s well being could possibly cost $139 at one given time.

Thank you Angela, i will pass on your condolences to Hamster, who is no doubt drowning her sorrows in a breakfast bowl of fried egg yokes.

daniel_gasparino said...

i'm sorry about brenda :(

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