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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 58

To satisfy a very important and thoughtful question from a fellow fatty, the "giant" latte bar have self identified themselves as giants. I will testify that they are in fact larger than most diet bars but my standards for portions defined as "giant" are somewhat skewed. I maintain that they are tasty for their 1 point value.

Today I used my complainy-mccomplainer-coupon that Starbucks corporate sent me for whining about a burnt tasting cup of coffee (that a friend bought me; thanks Dan). I got a tall skinny mocha latte. That is yuppy shorthand for a small sized, sugar free mocha syrup latte with skim milk. It's about 100 calories and it tastes kind of like marshmallow. Not bad. I'd rather sip $1.00 black coffee for ten calories but I can't help sucking whatever profits I can from Starbucks... I hate that overpriced crap. There will be no end to my complaints and no end to the free crap they can afford to give me! I shall never be appeased!

I ate too much today; typical for a day that begins with slim fast.

slim fast 3
skinny latte 2

Basil chicken 6
baked lays 3

Turkey cheese sandwich 8
chicken strips 5
weight watcher giant chocolate bar 1

Total Points 28


daniel_gasparino said...

jon is smarter than to fast. jeez.

oh, and i may have applied to a job at starbucks! whoop! whoop!

daniel_gasparino said...


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