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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 60.5

OK OK!!! So I've been a little lazy with the blogging and a little liberal with the eats. My Mother, god bless her, made spanish rice and pork last eve. :: drums fingers:: Auntie and Uncle Dearest, god bless them too, brought walnut sweet cake. God bless it and them too.

I figure I will blog as far as I've gotten today. I am thinking chicken soup for dinner but haven't decided. I'll update later.

I have also gone back to calorie counting. I'm getting annoyed with points so I am transitioning into 1200 calorie per day goal. Changes in scenery help keep me moving. I'm a simple creature. I like shiny new. I am sure to be bored by it within hours... stay tuned.

Slim fast 180
Coffee 10

(2) boca burger 180
1 oz cheddar 90
(2 tsp) mustard 0
light english muffin 100
strawberries 80


To be decided... any suggestions


daniel_gasparino said...

1200 is not enough, especially on days you exercise. I want to see more veggies!!

Nic said...

Don't you worry Daniel. I piggy-ed out at dinner; was robably over 120 cal.

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