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Monday, March 10, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 69

Places I need to Avoid
Gas Stations with Convenience Stores
Contract Negotiations
Fast Food Joints
The Candy Shop
My fridge/freezer after 7:00 pm
My mother's house
College Cafeterias

Things I Need to Remind Myself as I am wandering into Aforementioned Places
I hate being chubby
I want to get less chubby
I need to avoid aforementioned places
BBQ Potato Chips are never a good idea
What Would Shakira Do?

25 minutes taekwondo +2

luna bar 3

Tuscan Chicken 6
Latte Bar 1

(6) tootsies pops 7

Chicken Soup 4
Mac and Cheese 6
BBQ Potato chips 5
latte bar 1


Greta&Kiki said...

Ok, Shakira would TOTALLY eat at the buffet. I'm just sayin'.

Also...I need to quit buying honey buns.


Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

I miss you

Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

You ate 6 tootsie pops! Lucky!

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