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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 70

The Dating Reality show phenomena is like entertainment genius. Dating Reality Shows cannot help but spawn new Reality Shows. The relationships, destined to fail, generate chronic sequels. It is a never-ending stream of self-perpetuating Dating reality shows. The rejected dates make new Dating Shows.

Example, Tila Tequila didn't want him so they gave Domenico his own show Flavor Flav is in his third or fourth season; his reject New York had two seasons. Bret Michael is going through round two; I can't wait to see which of his rejected strippers get their own show.

Luna Bar 3

Veggie Burger 5
Baked cheeto 2
chicken salsa 2
uhm... (3) latte bars 4

Healthy Choice Italian Wedding Soup 4
Fiber One Bread 2

Cardio +6

Total Points:16

(I was over points for days; today I should to be under)

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