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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 71 + 72

Woot Woot Wooo... ::cough, hack:: Let's hear it for how lazy I was about blogging last night. I just didn't; so here's yesterday's menu.

Egg white, Spinach and Feta scramble 3
potato pancake 2
Luna bar 3
coffee 0
chicken Basil 6
60 min taekwondo +7
orange 1
pierogi 4
chutney 1
low fat Italian Wedding Soup 4 (minus the Italians and the Wedding; it was really just soup)

Total Points: 16 (who's not a fatty? me, that's right.

SO I just want to talk for a minute about how much I want a puppy and about how unjust it is that my brother gets a puppy before me. No puppy for Nicole... just ever expanding fish tanks and retarded kittens.

pierogi 4
chutney 1
(2) strawberry nutragrain 5

Veggie Chicken, spinach, mushrooms, buffalo sauce salad 4
tbsp blue cheese 2

egg drop soup 1
chicken and broccoli 4

Total points:21

There are talks raging in my head about having an apple in a few minutes... as of yet they are just talks.


Ann Elizabeth Crazy said...

Oh no! Poor little ratty rat.

Greta&Kiki said...

You are ROCKIN' the weight watchers! I am working on rock hard abs with my new "bending over and picking up the button that just snapped off my pants" exercise.

daniel_gasparino said...

what kind of puppy? puppies rule until they piss and shit in the house! haha

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