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Monday, March 17, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 76

CNG and Peoples Bank are on my list...

That's correct, I am declaring war on the gas company or perhaps maybe my bank. I'm not sure who dropped the ball but my electronic payments have not been gettin' to where I be sendin' 'em. The money disappears from my account but the gas company claims they are not receiving monies tendered. At this point, I am not sure whose customer service rep is getting dehumanized tomorrow during business hours but someone is getting dehumanized tomorrow. This chick gets her bills paid and monies tendered one way or another. Knees will snap, heads will roll and complimentary Starbucks coffee coupons will arrive when I find out who is to blame.

In unrelated news, call me an Irish version of the grinch or whatever but I think St Patrick's Day is absolutely ludicrous. People paint on their children, wear unflattering shades of green and wander drunk through the streets. Leprechauns creep me out and excessive drinking annoys me.

egg white, spinach and feta scramble 5
(2) wheat toast 4

Tofu, Chicken, green beans Stir Fry 10
Blonde Brownie 8

a whole bunch of taekwondo + 7

Luna Bar 3

Chicken Enchilada Low Fat Soup 5


daniel_gasparino said...

oooh starbucks....haha. We should hang out! I wanna hang out!

Greta&Kiki said...

Oh...you're incredibily sexy when you threaten to dehumanize people ;)

Anyhoo, I'll email you on this as well, but we've got new digs. Come on over. But don't stand sidewise. At this rate, we won't be able to see you if you do!



Angela said...

Ok....so what color would the Grinch of St. Patrick's day be? Purple? Not too good at the color spectrum....what's the opposite of green? Red!! We'll go with what I know - traffic signals! :)

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