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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 77 and 78

Yesterday, we celebrated my mother's 50th birthday with a surprise party. There was some last minute panic because we weren't sure that my father could get her out of the house.

The plan was to sneak in while she was at work splatter the walls in over the hill jokes, hang the piƱata and cover her granite counters with delicious catering; we'd then of course stuff our faces with food. Plans never go according to the plan; Mom called out of work. Luckily at the last minute my father and brother were able to drag her out and we were able to invade her home.

My family can really throw down in the food arena. It's a skill we train for... like in the Olympics.

Vague Sense of Day 77's Menu: Way Too Much

Back on track! Today:

(2) eggs 4
ww toast 1
potato pancake 2
goldfish crackers 6
spinach, veg chicken, blue chez 5
chicken soup 4

Total Points 22


daniel_gasparino said...

TINY TOONES!! Do you just query "fat" haha. I love food

Angela said...

OMG! I love tiny toones! I wish I could strap a tv onto myself and still exercise! And it worked to FASTTTTTTTTT!

Happy Birthday to the Mom!

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