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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fat Blog Day 82 (Easter)

Grandma and I sat for hours watching squirrels frolic, through my parents sliding glass door.  She is not a fussy woman.

My grandmother has Alzheimer's and is reasonably certain that Hoover is the current president but she can always remember that you have gained weight.  Grandma would judge all of my brother and my coloring contests... she would always be clear about whose was the hot mess. 

NOT THIS YEAR!!! Grandma said I looked very healthy. 


Angela said...

She does sound like a totally cool grandma. I miss my own Granny Ree. Although, she was a contributor to my delinquent appetite. If we were ever in trouble at home, we would run to her house and she would feed us cheese! LOL

Greta&Kiki said...

Oh man, back when I was skinny...like 90ish lbs in high school, my grandma used to bitch at me because everything I wore was baggy (she HATED Forenza sweaters). She was soooooo right!!!!!! I shoulda tucked in when I had the chance!


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