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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 85

:: lamenting the dietetic failure of Days 83 and 84 and, oh yeah, today too ::

We just wrapped up a difficult set of negotiations. It was rough on my body: a ten hour session immediately followed by a fourteen hour session sitting at a table. It was stressful: co-leading conversations and crafting counter proposals with an opinionated, ten person committee.

The relevance to the weight loss crusade: I respond to physical pain and mental anguish with specialty pizza, macaroni and cheese, stuffed pasta and massive, massive amounts of caffeine. I drank at least nine cups of coffee each day. To wash down my coffee, members kept bringing us a plates of warm banana bread, blondies w/chocolate chips and peanut butter cookies throughout the day. Nothing dismantles my determination like chocolate chip blondies; they are seriously like God's perfect dessert.

Alas, the negotiations are finished! I am no longer captive audience to a talented baker and an army of generous food service workers. We settled a great contract with the help of an amazing committee.

Today, I was in recuperation mode; therefore, I ate like a 500 pound man.

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daniel_gasparino said...

so does that mean you have more time to hang out with me now??

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