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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 86

It's incredible how often people try to break each others' spirit; as if the world didn't have enough negativity the powers that be had to throw in complainers, fatalists and liars. I was speaking with one of our Hartford area leaders, an amazingly talented steward whose grievance wins have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in back pay owed to her coworkers, and we shared a moment about dealing with inflated senses of self entitlement.

Don't get me wrong, I support and fight for high standards; I believe that people are entitled to much more than they often get. I have a problem with the, unfortunately, common misconception that:

A. I am a flippin' magician with supernatural flippin' powers that can solve problems and erase difficulty with a wave of my wand or a crinkle of my nose.
B. Getting what people deserve needs to be easy to be worth trying.

If that were the case, my tummy would be flat, my boobs would not be shrinking and I wouldn't have to yell so much; and maybe there would be world peace and flower gardens for all. No one would even have to water the flowers; they would just bloom and be healthy, poof. Fat chance folks, no pun intended.

I ate a whole bunch of junk today but I am coming down off a four day eating extravaganza... tomorrow is a new, better, cooler and more successful day... I speculate.

banana 2
luna bar 4
low fat italian wedding soup 5
baguette 5
stupid donut holes... in their stupid box... sitting right in front of me. 8
taekwondo +5
stupid cheetos...stupid pre-pay inside at the gas station 8

Total 27 points

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Greta&Kiki said...

Ah Nicole,

You are right. Just know that...whatever your position, side, etc. know that I, your blog pal Greta, believe you and agree with you because you rock. (oh...unless you wanna do something like feed crack to puppies or something...because I would be against that).

I have a similar worky situation that I can't go into grand detail about due to pesky things like federal privacy laws...but just know that I am right and somebody else is being an asshole.

You will totally kick your diet's ass. I believe it. Even if you don't do it this week.


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