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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fat Blog- 104-110

How am I doing, they ask? Not well, I reply. I spent the week eating dinner past 7:00 pm and stuffing my face with mac and cheese before noon. Tomorrow is Monday, thus marking the beginning of the new week. I do well with "fresh starts". January 1st, and the determination it inspired, lost me 11 pounds. However, March sent me spiraling into a healthy food choices catastrophe. Mondays give me hope but Tuesdays have the March effect on me these days; stupid, stupid Tuesdays...

It's hard to keep fresh veggies and fruits in your fridge when you are traveling all the time!! I spend more time cleaning rotting vegetation out of my fridge than I do preparing vegetation to be consumed. I always end up eating whatever is quick and oozing cheese. Cheese may very well be the enemy; I wish that I hated cheese.

Let's see what I can pull off this week. I'll even publicly weigh in! I deserve the humiliation.

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