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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 91

I cannot believe we are seriously over 90 days into the new year; stupid, thieving time gnomes running off with...time!!! It seems like as good a time as any to have what is turning into a weekly re-assessment of my determination. A new pair of jeans arrived today in the mail, an excellent morale booster. ::cheers::

In their never ending crusade to vanquish my sparring equipment, the kitties crept into my gear bag and stole one of my boxing hand wraps; they managed to unravel it and play some variation of ribbon dancer all over my kitchen. I'd like to introduce Bruce (black and white) and Hiss (calico).

These playful little critters are training in the art of chemical warfare. They leave their little allergens all over my gear, clothes, blankets and furniture. I don't quite know how to punish them for their dander. A spray bottle is only really good when they are in a room that they know they are not allowed to be in (foot stomping, shouting and hurling books also works). To further complicate things, Hiss has special needs; being blind and kind of slo-o-ow she panics if you make sudden movements or startle her. That eliminates most methods of kitty training.

tirkey and spinach wrap
rice pudding
sesame bagel with light cream cheese
60 min cardio
cheese slice

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