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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 92

List of Nerdy Things Nicole Has Done


has performed the role of the blind prophet, Tiresias, in the Greek Tragedy Antigone

collected BabySitters' Club Books (I hated Kristy)

memorized and can perform, verbatim, the entire movie Labrynth

owned the soundtrack to Labrynth

re-Bought the soundtrack to Labrynth when I lost the soundtrack to Labrynth

was a High School cheerleader

has been a member of the chess club

knows the actually words to Mmmbop

has a terrible fear of spiders... emphasis on the terrible fear

, as a child, had a terrible fear of raccoons (I dunno)

had imaginary friends that were chipmunks, mice and fairies

is still a Michael Jackson fan

watches Chris Crocker videos on youtube ::rolls eyes::

catches court TV and Maury on daytime tv from time to time

hates other peoples' bare feet

There 's so much more; but here is today's menu.

(2) whole wheat waffles
vegetarian sausage
sugar-free syrup
grilled chicken, cheese and spinach wrap
1 snackwells cookies
(1) chocolate chip cookie
60 min taekwondo
Whole Wheat Pasta w/pesto (a wicked big bowl; it was delicious!!!)


Angela said...

Ooooo I'm right there with you on Labrynth!! Shright - I'm a werm.

I'll help you feel less nerdy and tell the world that I have been to a New Kids On The Block Concert....with Debbie Gibson. Probably before your time....but it's bad!! LOL

Nicole said...

Oooh, Debbie Gibson.... nerdy nerdy nerdy nerd. I should talk...

Greta&Kiki said...

Is it sad that I find none of that nerdy. I was TOTALLY a high school cheerleader. I still have a big HS sweatshirt w/ Cheerleader written across the back. I wear it all the time. I used to luurve wearing it when I was pregnant. That rocked.

I don't still like MJ, but I still love his stuff. I car-rock hard to Black and White.

I cannot tell you how intensely I love Star Trek TNG. Now, I cannot live without BSG.


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