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Monday, April 7, 2008

Fat Blog- Days 93, 94, 95 + 96

I started some hippie toxin cleanse on Friday; in roughly eleven days I will be toxin free. As a result of this hippie shit, (which is really just fiber capsules, laxatives and a multi vitamin) my body has spent the past three days in fiber shock. I will spare you the details. Probably the worst twenty-seven dollars I've ever spent impulsively. The most I hope to gain is the knowledge that toxin cleanses are a total waste of money; it's fourteen day cleanse and I learned that on day three. I am ahead of the game. If I ever bothered to watch Oprah, I'd have known about the toxin cleansing scam before I purchased it. I should watch more Oprah... armies of housewives can't be wrong.

I'm in a rut. In a rutty rut that feels ruttier than the first rut I felt I was in. My muscles are tight, my hips, back and knees ache (really, really ache), I'm cranky and I feel very strongly that spring should feel like spring and I should be able to stop layering. My ankles hurt. It seems that the harder I push exercise the more pain I end up in and I am still stuck at 11-13 pounds lost. Did I mention that I'm cranky? Really cranky, like the type of cranky that makes your good-natured, little brother giggle nervously and leave the room. My kittens fled from me in terror. I'm going to put myself to bed before I start picking fights with my friends via text message!!!

fat free yogurt
1/4 cup granola
small egg drop soup
60 min taekwondo
1/2 cup brown rice
braised tofu


Greta&Kiki said...

Don't tase me bro, but a loss is still better than I gain. :)


daniel_gasparino said...

take a week off or something, not a "i had a bad week," but just try not thinking about anything. God knows i ache too though if it helps!!

daniel_gasparino said...

and where is today's blog? huh?? Post!! And where is the countdown of your inches?! Get to work!!

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