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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fat Blog- Days 99-102

I can't believe I totally ate straight past my 100 day mark.

woooot woot woo... hardly seems worth celebrating considering it wasn't important enough to remember until I logged in to my blog and was like "oh, snap, I've been doing this for 100 days".

Day 100 also wasn't any better diet-wise than any of my other recent days. Therefore, Day 100 is no different than any other day except that it has two cheerful, little round zeros in it. ZERO. A number that has been representing how much weight I have lost in the past several weeks and also will continue to signify a pants' size that I could never, and quite frankly would never, dream of squeezing into.

The piecing together of the IKEA architecture, that is my new wardrobe unit, has been an eventful and unpleasant undertaking. Halfway through Project Wardrobe-a-Palooza we realized that we did not have the built-in chest of drawers; instead we had two large stand alone chest of drawers. I came to peace with yet another, unplanned trip to the Swedish furniture mecca, 45 minutes from my home. Crap.

Added to this unpleasantness, I have a sinus infection. I realized this about halfway through taekwondo class yesterday, after some light stretching had me pouring cold sweat and sent the room spinning. Like a meat-head, I pushed myself through class.

I wasn't about to allow some rogue bacteria running rampant in my sinus cavity get me down, I immediately left taekwondo and went to work. Halfway through, I realized I'd made some gross miscalculations about my health; I rescheduled my appointments, fell asleep at 5:00 pm and woke up at 10:00 the next morning, feeling like crap. So here I am... I also suck at dieting.

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