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Friday, May 2, 2008

Fat Blog: Day 122

I had planned to make orange lacquered tofu, another potential winning recipe from Vegetarian Times, but I ended up going out and ordering general tso's chicken with Keri, who tied me to a chair and force fed me the fried goodness. I am sticking to that story.

I did great all week, actually. There is totally something to this meal planning thing. I plan to plan it all out again for next week. Grand, grand plans...

But that wasn't the worst part. The worse part is that I had an awful, stressful, emotionally taxing day that concluded with a large Dove chocolate bar, naturally. I'm done cycling, however, so the chocolate splurges will be kept under control until next month, stupid ovaries.

Breakfast: egg white, spinach and feta omelet; yogurt, strawberries, honey and walnuts (the Greeks have it right)
Lunch: Turkey cubes, baby spinach, peppers, cucumbers and 1/4 cup pesto pasta salad
Dinner: general tso chicken, egg roll and fried rice ( I know, I suck )
Snack: large Dove chocolate bar ( I deserved it! )

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daniel_gasparino said...

i really want to try one of your omelets with feta and spanish. maybe i will make one in the AM. Or maybe not...

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