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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 137

I spent the day score keeping in the 6-7 year old division of our school's annual karate tournament. In between the day of my birth and this day, the day of weapons, shouting and competition-ness, I have been totally and completely off the program. I haven't even bothered to weigh myself. I know I've put on at least three pounds. Work has me stressed to the max and I haven't even had time to fold my clothes let alone fit in extra exercise or cooking. Spending a day at a karate tournament gave a me a much needed boost of inspiration; I've been spinning my wheels.

In High School, I wasn't the least bit interested in being a star athlete. I enjoyed swimming on the team which, coincidentally, hadn't won a single meet in almost twelve years. There was never anything really at stake to me; I spent more time counseling sore losers than actually swimming. I remember losing the last swim meet of the season and all the seniors were crying because it was their last shot to win. The team captain actually stood up, despite the fact that every team member had beat their best time, to say how ashamed she was of everyone. She didn't even know most of the teams' names. Everyone got quiet and more started crying; I dried my hair and rolled my eyes. Winning a swim meet just had no relevance in my life. Some people are more graceful losers than others. I was like the Ginger Rogers of losing. I still don't care about winning swim relays. The whole experience left me with a really sour taste in my mouth about how negative competition can be.

Through the Union and in the martial arts, I've learned a thing or two about the relevance of winning. I care about making change, being involved and empowering people who want to empower people. I care about winning in the sense that winning can simply be building confidence that will improve lives and and promote human dignity. I want to build strong organizations that foster personal growth and leadership development. Martial arts helps me be a stronger leader so that I can do just that; I'm constantly training, at the studio and in the shops, to win.

It's probably why I'm so beat all the time. Back on the program; tomorrow!

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