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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 149

So, my gentleman house-friend is off doing research in some eastern european, 2nd-world country. God Bless him. I have been charged with the task of maintaining his animal kingdom. While he is away, traversing the globe, I am tasked with the care of two high maintenance kittens, one spoiled rat (with a huge tumor), a 20 gallon fish tank full of baby guppies and approx 120 gallons of tropical fish. The wildlife in my apartment is certainly in for a bit of culture shock; there is a new regime in town. They will be lucky to get fed.

He didn't even unload the dishwashers before he left!!!


Breakfast: orange mango juice and hash browns
Lunch: pear, santa fe rice and beans, veggie soup and 1/2 cup of mac and cheese.

*60 minutes taekwondo

Snack: tootsie pop, red powerade (mmm... delicious electrolytes)
Dinner: mushroom and cheese torteloni, peas, spinach, red sauce with spicy hummus


daniel_gasparino said...

he already left?? wow. i can't believe you aren't visiting!! Travel rocks!

Nic said...

travel is expensive and requires that I have space in my workload to take a break.

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