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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 150

I spent most of the day working from home; I racked up over a month's worth of work expenses to comb through and drafted an arbitration brief, muy productive.

I loaded both dishwashers and changed kittys' litter. I did take a brief trip to old navy to spend my birthday bucks and I got a hot pair of jeans from Ann Taylor Loft. I'm excited.

It's also clearly easier to eat better when my gentleman friend is not sabotaging me with homemade pizza and Chinese take out.

Turkey, spinach and cheese on whole wheat wrap, slenderize melon drink
weight watcher cookies (2)
Quorn veggie chicken nuggets (8)
weight watcher giant latte bar
Torteloni w olive oil, peas, spinach and garlic (flippin' delicious)


Greta&Kiki said...

I eat SOOOOO much better when my hubby is out of town. I blame my fat on him. He wants me to do crazy stuff like cook real meals. Damn him!

daniel_gasparino said...

when are we hanging out??

jonathan said...

Hello from Romania dear. I miss you so much I finally started reading your blog and now it seems you have stopped writing it:( I ate something called gustarle calde the other day )"hot food" it was basically a plate piled with every manner fo meat chicken two types of sausage frenchfries, and friend breaded cheese- they only described the cheese and chicken so I was excited...apparently the pile fo sausage was free:(

daniel_gasparino said...


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