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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 164

One hundred and sixty four days ago I decided to lose 25 pounds. Well, here I am, one hundred and sixty four days later, at 7 pounds lost. Actually, let's be fair, around March I had lost 16 pounds; I was well on my way to hotness. But somewhere around going 3 months without any vacation time I began to stress-eat; I haven't stopped stress-eating for nearly 3 months. Belly is totally back! I am totally displeased.

I have to work on my self control. I eat when I am not hungry. I loaf when I could be exercising or stretching. I eat crap; not actual crap, but close. I heart food a bit too much. I calculated the month of April and I spend close to $700.00 on food alone... just on my credit card, it didn't count all the cash I pour into coffees, fast food and other such rubbish. I can't even imagine how many calories seven hundred dollars+ can buy.

I'm re-setting my goals and staging a healthy foods initiative intervention on myself (involves brutal self flagellation, meal planning and self hatred):

1. NO SODA; only water and juice.
2. Warm bath and 15 minutes light stretching in the morning
3. Portion control
4. Less eating out; it's where I tend to make lousy food choices.
5. Lose 1 pound per week. (at that rate I will be able to peel off the 9 pounds, that I stuffed down my throat in the past nine weeks, by the end of summer; just in time for my gentleman friend to come home from Eastern Europe and start baking homemade pizzas every night. I am such an asshole!)

Welcome me back, bitches.


jonathan said...

I guess I don't win diet saboteur of the month eh? Good luck with the self-flagellation initiative dear--I still think you're hot.

Greta&Kiki said...

Ugh. I am with you. Just...ugh.

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