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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 165

I am happy to report that I am only a partial failure today. I should be pleased because I fended off two potentially diet hazardous binges.

Blow pops are a binge fender offer strategy; they have the potential to entertain me longer than a candy bar because they take so long to eat...that was the strategy. They entertain me especially long when I eat half of the bag but they did curb an irrational craving to fry up some pirogi, in butter, at 11:00 pm. Nothing prepares the palate for late night pirogi binges like a half a bag of blow pops. With the help of Team Blow Pop; the pirogi lay safe in the bag for respectable dinner at 6:30 pm tomorrow eve.

Also I should get all sorts of props for re-routing my ride home today. I purposefully went a mile out of my way (despite gas prices) to avoid the taco bell on the corner of route 66. After a full day of negotiations, I wanted nothing more than a grande soft taco... or two.

My check(x) list:
1. NO SODA- x
2. AM Stretching- FAILED
3. Portion control- FAILED
4. No Eating Out- x
5. 1 Pound per week lost- -.4

Breakfast: cappuccino slim fast
Lunch: grapes 65 cal
turkey, mustard and spinach on a flax wrap 180 cal
(2) special K 90 calorie chocolate drizzle bars 180 cal
Coffee with cream and splenda (one of my committee was sweet enough to make me a coffee and she tried to poison me with cream) 60 cal (she promised me, on the life of my flat tummy, that she only put in an oz or so)
Dinner: Quorn chicken nuggets 600 cal

Oh, six or so blow pops 540 cal which in retrospect was a stupid strategy... the pirogi may have been less calories

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