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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 166

Day two of renewed diet fervor. I am placing myself on a 1500 calorie max, seems easier than counting point. I like easy...

My goals check(x) list:
1. NO SODA- FAILED (but it was a diet soda)
2. AM Stretching- FAILED (just too lazy)
3. Portion control- x
4. No Eating Out- FAILED (but made better choices; taco bell tacos with no cheese; I successfully fought back the strong urge for both seconds and a free mango strawberry smoothie!) I am changing this goal to healthier food choices at fast food establishments.

Breakfast: Slim Fast 170 cal
Lunch: Pierogi w/butter 500 cal
Dinner: ranchero chicken taco 230 cal and ranchero steak taco 260 cal
Snacks: tootsie pop 60 cal and blow pop 60 cal

I have 220 cal to spare and I am about to raid my fridge for something in that ball park.


daniel_gasparino said...

glad to see one of us in blogging. i don't feel like it...haha. I've been doing moving stuff at my sister's house for the closing next week so the fuckers I call buyers can close next week. I hope they die

Nic said...

ha ha. way to publicly state your feelings!

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