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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 167

Had a fan-tabulous day; lots of victories and still had time to get to class. Been ve-ery worn down lately and I think it has a lot to do with all the exercising I didn't do last week... oh, and my twelve hour workdays.

Anyways, the week is winding down, already, and I am still clinging to my sanity. I remembered to feed the fish!

My goals check(x) list:
1. NO SODA- x (subway has diet lemonade!)
2. AM Stretching- FAILED (still, just too lazy)
3. Portion control- x
4. Make better eating out choices- x (repeat, subway has diet lemonade and apple slices and baked potato chips)

Breakfast:light and fit smoothie 70 cal, smart start cereal 190 cal, 1% milk 60 cal
Lunch: apple slices 35 cal, diet lemonade 5 cal, sweet onion chicken whole wheat sub w/cheese 445 cal
Snack: tootsie pop 60 cal
EXERCISE: 120 minutes of I heart taekwondo + 600 cal
Dinner: 3 oz sirloin tip 200 cal, 2 light hot dogs 270 cal, 1/2 a cheeseburger 400 cal


jonathan said...

Hello dear, You, not the fish are dieting so please remember to feed them...Glad to see you are back on the program. I spent yesterday swimming in the black sea and builidng sand castles:)

Nic said...

I want to build sand castles! I was never very good at it... I speculate that you also suck at building sand castles.

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