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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 168

My day started out like garbage and then turned good by mid morning. Then I got wind of a terrible situation in early afternoon, tried to mediate it, went home, processed and figured out how to make that terrible situation a slightly better situation.

Those are the highs and lows of my work; always highs and lows.

After a VERY positive morning meeting I took my nausea to the Willimantic Food Coop for lunch; I figured that there was no better way to settle my menstrual drama than some healthy, whole wheat-y goodness. I used to do most of my shopping at the coop when I lived on Chestnut Street in Willimantic; it's been a few years since I have been, mostly because it moved (like two doors down) and I thought it had closed down. Yes, I am a nincompoop The coop has since gotten new digs and is looking very healthy, very healthy indeed. Expansion for eco-friendly, justice oriented hippy business is always good news.

AM Stretching: x (eh, I will give myself credit for PM stretching)
Portion Control: x
Better food Choices: x HA! Have you ever been to the Willimantic Food Co-Op?

Breakfast: cottage cheese and strawberry goo 130 cal
Lunch: Organic Hunan Dumplings 350 cal and Mango OJ 80 cal
Snacks: Organic walnuts 250 cal tootsie pop 60 cal
Dinner: mutter paneer 325 cal pirogi 170 cal
EXERCISE: 60 min cardio + 400

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